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Quick and easy: Palm branches from a craft store or florist are layered on top of  pink and green table runners. Each plate is decorated with a small basket of flowers, also from the dollar store.

Quick and easy #2: Take a wreath off the wall and put it in the center of the table. You can fill the center with plastic eggs--filled with nuts for an appetizer, or candy for a dessert treat.

Layer different colored napkins to add more interest to the traditional Easter Basket. These plastic eggs hold objects from the Easter story so that each person can open one and tell that part of the Easter story.  Variation: fill the basket with dessert--egg shaped cupcakes or rice crispy treats.

Instead of one large basket, fill the middle of the table with small egg filled baskets. Let the centerpiece double as an Easter treat with a small basket for each child. Small glass eggs are scattered around the baskets for additional eye appeal.

Brass candlesticks and gold eggs make a simple but elegant centerpiece. If you can’t find stands to hang the eggs from, you could make them from coat hangers.

Link to Bronners, a year round Christmas store  that sell stands on line

This candle stand has 3 candles to represent the trinity, the 3 crosses, and the 3 days before Jesus rose from the dead. The candles are purple for the Easter season, then black on good Friday, and changed to white on Easter Sunday.

If children are the guests of honor for Easter dinner, they are sure to enjoy a centerpiece made of little lambs and eggs, especially if the eggs have treats inside. The lambs are representative of Jesus, our passover lamb.  The large lamb was sold at Hallmark, and the small lamb is a Beanie Baby lamb--sold anywhere toys are sold.

Seasons > Easter > Decorations for the home > Center Pieces and Place Settings

A crown of thorns makes a good centerpiece to remind us of the extreme sacrifice that the Creator of the universe endured to provide salvation for all people.

view how to make a crown of thorns

Link to the Christian Books website that sells crowns of thorns This is also the best source of Easter products that I have found anywhere (Type  “Easter” in the search box on their home page)

A small ceramic lamb makes a good decoration for a place setting. Sheep can be purchased with nativity sets, and at some gift shops and stores that sell miniatures. The one shown here were purchased at Walmart a few years ago when they were selling individual figures for Christmas nativity scenes.

In Japan, hundred yen stores sell sheep every twelfth year right before New Year’s Day.

view how to fold the napkin

A small vase of flowers also makes a lovely place setting decoration. Collect any small jars that you buy products in, and wash them and save them for Easter dinner. It doesn’t matter if they are all different. The tiny jars  shown here were containers for selling beads. Other vase options: borrow your daughter’s toy tea set or use plastic egg halves. Find bottle caps or metal washers to put under the egg halves to keep them from tipping over. If you can’t buy plastic eggs, save real egg shells that have been washed and dried.

Black candles are good for a Good Friday celebration to represent the dark hour when Jesus died. Switch to white candles for Easter day to celebrate the glorious resurrection. Scatter real or fake flower petals down the middle of the table to point to the new life found in trusting Jesus for salvation. To decorate each plate, sprinkle more petals on each plate, then cover each plate with a clear glass plate to eat from.