Amy’s Free Ideas

Some wreaths are simple, with just a bow, and other times they are completely covered with ornaments. The more stuff you stick on a wreath, the more complex and interesting it is to look at. It also hides flaws that might show up with fewer the fact that the greenery is beginning to look a little shabby. Adding two or three kinds of greenery can also make it more interesting to look at without looking over done.

This time the wreath has a toy theme, and is covered with toys and Christmas balls. This could get expensive, depending on the cost of the ornaments. To keep costs low, use toys your children have outgrown, or buy them at the dollar store, or buy them after Christmas for the next year.

The same toy laden wreath is combined with a swag in a bedroom.

This time the wreath is dressed in nothing but balls for an unusual look and color.

Although similar to the toy laden version, this time it is filled with gingerbread cookies.