Amy’s Free Ideas

These mosaic pictures were made out of polished glass fragments rather than ceramic tiles. They come in more vivid colors than you can sometimes find in tiles. See what you can find at your local craft store or hardware/home improvement stores. If you use tile, you can buy tile nippers to cut the tiles. Give the children squares of plywood, and let them arrange the glass or tile into a picture. Once they like the design,  glue the tiles onto the base.

Butterfly mosaic and parrot mosaic

Flower mosaic

After the glue dies, spread grout between the glass or tile pieces. Follow package instructions. Let dry. Grout can be purchased at craft stores and hardware/ home improvement stores. If possible, glue thin strips of wood or trim around the edges of the plywood and tiles to keep the grout from chipping off the edges.

These make great trivets, so the kids can see their handiwork used every day (if the parents are willing to use them!) We used these trivets almost every day for over 10 years--from the time our kids made them until they moved away from home.

If these materials are not available to you, you can still make mosaic pictures using squares of wood chips, paper squares, dot stickers, sheet magnets cut into shapes, or even crushed eggshells left over from dying real Easter eggs. The mosaic shown in the photo is made from egg shells.