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This is a quick project, so it is good for the classroom. Simply cut out the scene, color, and fold to make it stand up.

Download and print out the sheet. If you have a paper cutter, cut the printed stack of sheets in the middle. The children can cut out the rest of the shape.

Optional: Make it a quicker project by cutting the barn shape ahead of time. Then the kids can color and fold. This is also a good strategy if you don’t have enough scissors for everyone, or if the children are too young to use scissors.

Cut out the stable.

Color the scene with  colored pencils.  Crayons or markers would work, too, but may not get as good of a result.

Fold the sides to the back to make it stand up.

Optional roof: Cut the peak of the barn about a half inch and fold the wall forward to form a roof. Glue the points in the middle, if you wish.

Optional side walls: Color the sides and fold them forward to form the sides of the barn (not shown) NOTE: for this option, it would be best, after cutting the two scenes apart, to not cut the wedge off of the bottom of the side sections. If you cut these wedges, the stable will tilt slightly forward. The wedge is there to make the stable tilt slightly to the back when the sides are folded to the back, to keep it from falling forward. You may also want to cut the sides tall enough to reach the roof.