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Print out sheet.

Fold in half the long way.

Fold in half so that page 1 and 2 are on the front side, and 3 and 4 are on the back side.

Fold ONLY the top layer so that the left edge exactly meets the right edge. This forms the front cover.

Flip it over and fold the back side to meet the opposite edge, too. The booklet is complete.

Optional: Cut the booklet into an egg shape.

Note: Children will not have the strength to cut this many layers at once, so either fold and cut them before class, or have lots of helpers with good pairs of scissors on hand during the class.

The booklet starts on one side, then continues on the back. Another option would be to cut the printed sheet in half instead of folding it in half. Then tape the 2 strips end to end, and accordion fold the booklet pages all the way to the end.

Be careful to NOT cut the top and sides--leave these as folds, or none of the pages will be attached--each page will be separate. If this does happen, just staple the pages together for that booklet, and be more careful about cutting out the next one!

Print out the version with a blank cover and let the children design their own cover.

Download 8x11 blank cover version

Download A4 blank cover version

Print out the version with the cover that is also the last picture in the story.

Download 8x11 picture cover version

Download A4 picture cover version

Print out the version that has a blank egg shape. Use stamps, or stickers, or markers to draw designs on the egg-shaped cover.

Download 8x11 blank egg-shaped version

Download A4 blank egg-shaped version

6 Cover Options (all other pages are identical)

Print out the version that the cover is also the last picture in the story, but also has the words, “Happy Day!”

Download 8x11 picture cover with words

Download A4 picture cover with words

Print out the version that has a decorated egg, and let the kids color it in with markers.

Download 8x11 designed egg cover version

Download A4 designed egg cover version

Print out the version with a blank cover and design your own cover. Make a photocopy for each student.

Download 8x11 blank cover version

Download A4 blank cover version

1. Mary goes to the tomb and finds it empty. (John 20:1)

2. She goes and tells Peter and John. (John 20:2)

4. Peter looks inside. Peter and John go home. (John 20:6-9)

Explanation for Each Page (John 20:1-18)

3. John arrives first and looks inside and sees the linen that was wrapped around Jesus’ body. (John 20:3-5)

5. Mary looks inside and sees two angels. They ask her why she is crying. (John 20:10-13

6. Mary mistakes Jesus for a gardener and asks where Jesus’ body is. (John 20:14-15)

7. Jesus says, “Mary,” she turns and recognizes him. He warns her not to touch him. He tells her to go tell the disciples.

(John 20:16-17)

8. Mary runs to tell everyone that Jesus is alive. (John 20:18)

Download this 8 page booklet to celebrate Easter--perfect for Sunday school or family devotions. Just fold 4 times, and it is done. Or cut it into an egg shape and decorate with stickers, or color in the design. There are 6 different cover designs, but the pictures inside the booklet are the same, whichever version you download.