Amy’s Free Ideas

This donkey can “walk” if you alternate moving the “skis” fastened to the feet.

Glue or fasten gray paper with double stick tape (available at 100 yen stores) to 4 toilet paper tube rolls. Or, paint it once it is assembled. Paint the body and legs gray with white patches on nose, stomach, and insides of legs to make it more realistic.





  1. 1.Head: Cut one tube for the head as shown above (on left in photo.) The narrow strip between the ears gives a bobble-head effect to the head. Roll the head portion into a tighter roll, cut off excess and tape shut. Pinch the ears to make them more 3D, and bend the ears forward a bit.

  2. 2.Body: Cut the back end of the body (on right in photo). For a tail, poke a hole and add a narrow chenille wire (sold at 100 yen stores) into the hole. Poke holes for all 4 legs.

3. Legs: Cut the remaining two tubes as shown in photo above--cut  from one open end to the other, then cut each roll in half the other direction. Cut a tab at the top of each leg and poke a hole in it. Roll each leg tight and fasten with tape. Fasten all 4 legs to the body with brads, and make sure they can move back and forth.

4. Glue or tape shut the back of the body

5. Finish the head: Slide the head into the body. Glue a thick chenille wire (sold at 100 yen stores) onto the neck and head for the mane. Other options for the main and tail: thread, or cording for drawstrings, partially unravelled. Add googley eyes (sold at 100 yen stores) or simply draw the eyes.

6. Make the donkey walk by taping the feet to two strips of cardboard (shown in far left photo above) or tape bamboo skewers to the legs (shown in middle photo above). Either way, if you alternately move the strips or skewers, the donkey will “walk.”

cut first

cut second

Cut the toilet paper tubes in this shape. If you cover the tubes with gray paper first, you only have to cut it once instead of twice (once for the tubes and once for the paper, and then you have cut more to adjust for where they don’t perfectly match..)