Amy’s Free Ideas

Cardboard and clothespin donkey

  1. 1.Cut out body and head from thin grey cardboard (that come on the backs of note pads)

  2. 2.Clip on tiny wooden clothespins (sold at 100 yen stores--paint gray if you wish)

  3. 3. Glue on eyes, or draw eyes and details on face

  4. 4.There are several options for the tail and mane--glue on pipe cleaner (chenille wire) , or sandwich thread between 2 layers of cardboard (pictured here)

Cardboard and clothespin donkey or camel (this one takes a little more time than the one on the left)

1.Cut out 2 forms for body and head from thin cardboard

2.Paint body and tiny wooden clothespins (sold at 100 yen stores)

3. Glue on googley eyes and tail and mane (thread or pipe cleaner or cording for drawstrings partially unravelled )

4.Glue body to outside of clothespins (stand up once to make sure legs are even so it can stand up, then lay flat to dry)