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Any brand of cookie and candy  are fine--these are the brands I used. The candy has to be really tiny if it is going to fit on these cookies. Mini m’n’m’s are sold in plastic tubes in many grocery stores for about 100 yen, as are the tiny fruit flavored candy balls sold in the small containers shown in the middle of the photo for only about 30 yen.  It is a lot cheaper than the candy in the Hello Kitty pan flute sold at hundred yen stores, that probably has the same amount of candy.

  1. 1.Use a serrated knife to cut 5 square cookies (2 whole for the roof, 2 cookies with a peak for the front and back walls, and one cookie cut in half for the two sides.

  1. 2.Help the children “glue” the house together with icing. Put the icing in zip lock bags and snip off one corner, to squeeze out the icing. You can buy icing bags at hundred yen stores, or craft stores, but children tend to squeeze the icing out the back since it is not sealed. A thin strip of plastic wrap or tinfoil can be wrapped around the house to hold it together until the icing dries (this is best done by an adult.)

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Front and back walls

side walls