Amy’s Free Ideas

Use different colors of golf tees to represent the different figures for the nativity set, such as white for an angel and red for Mary.

Use wooden beads for the heads, or make heads out of light weight air drying clay such as Hearty. Press onto the golf tees to dry, then glue the heads to the golf tees.

You will need either plastic or wooden golf tees, multi colored pipe cleaners and light weight air drying clay such as Hearty.

Use pipe cleaners that are the same color as the golf tees, and wrap them around the necks and cut to be a good length for the arms. For the wooden golf tees, use popsicle sticks cut short, or cut balsa wood to look like sleeves.

Cut tiny triangles from disposable dishcloths for head cloths and glue them to the heads. For the angel, rather than a head cloth, glue on hair: unravel a white cord.

Use silver pipe cleaners to form the angel’s wings and glue to the golf tee. Cut a short length of wire or paper clip to form a shepherd’s crook. Make a tiny sheep with a short “U” of white pipe cleaner, and a wire bent to form the head and legs.

Cut short lengths of pipe cleaner for beards and hair and glue them on. Make a tiny baby out of air drying clay. Dry and glue to Mary’s arms.

Glue beads to the arms of the wise men to represent their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

This nativity set is so tiny that it is easy to knock over the figures as you try to set them up. Glue them to a small cardboard box, and you won’t have to worry about knocking them over when setting them up--just open the box. Make sure they don’t bump into each other when the front flap is closed.

Cut tan paper to cover the inside of the box. Cut narrow strips into the paper on the roof and curl them with scissors to look like a thatch roof.