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Use 2 black paper plates to make this frypan Mother’s Day Card.

Cover the lid with aluminum foil, and glue on a knob--a coke bottle lid. (If you want to save time, don’t make a lid. )

Make a handle out of a toilet paper tube covered in black paper. See detailed instructions below.

Rub glue (glue stick works fine) on the back of one of the paper plates, and press the foil onto the back of the plate. If you can’t find black paper plates, cover a white plate with aluminum foil to the top and bottom of the plate.)

Tear the excess foil from around the edges--slowly pull the foil down against the edge, and it will tear off  as if the edge of the plate had a cutter!

Finish smoothing the foil with a closed marker or other smooth rounded object. Glue on a bottle cap for the knob on the lid.

Make the frypan handle by cutting a toilet paper tube from one end to the other.

Roll it tight till it is a good diameter for the pan. Glue or tape in place.

Glue or tape black paper around it. Cut the end rounded. This rounded open end should be glued to the bottom plate--one rounded edge above the rim of the plate, and one rounded edge below.

Cut 4 rectangles out of red construction paper (or choose another color if you prefer.)

Fold one rectangle in half, then in half again so it is a quarter of the original size. Cut all 4 corners off.

Open this cut shape, and you will have the pound, or number symbol. Glue it to the plate.

Hold the other 2 rectangles together, and cut a small “V” out of one end.

Turn it around and cut 2 small “V’s” out of the other end.

You should now have 2 “M’s” to spell out the word “MOM.”

Make the “O” by folding the last rectangle in quarters (fold in half, and then in half again.)

Cut off the 3 loose corners (not folded) so they are rounded.

Cut the folded corner in a concave arch. When you open it, it should be an “O.” If not, cut another rectangle and try again.

Cut a number one --a skinny rectangle the same height as the other letters. Glue all the letters to the bottom plate. Glue the handle to this plate.

Don’t forget to write a note of appreciation on a separate piece of paper since it won’t show up on the black plate--you could even make the note look like a fried egg. Cut a white piece of paper in an oval or irregular shape, and cut a yellow circle for the yolk. Write a note on the back.

When mom opens the lid, she sees the egg, then when she lifts the egg, she will see the love note and the message: “number one mom.”

Seasons > Mother’s Day >  Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day > Frypan Mother’s Day cards for kids to make