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Tissue Paper Cross

  1. 1.Cut a cross out of thin cardboard (such as a cereal or cracker box.)

  2. 2.Spread glue (such as Elmer’s) in a line.

  3. 3.Tear off bits of tissue paper and crumple it, then stick it on the glue.

  4. 4.When a row has been finished, squeeze out another line of glue and stick on another row of crumpled tissue from a different color of tissue  paper.

Note: If you put glue in more than row at a time, it tends to dry out before you get the tissue paper stuck to it. Double stick tape would be another option.

Foam Cross Mobile

  1. 1.Cut crosses and flowers out of EVA foam sheets or colored paper.

  2. 2.Decorate the crosses and flowers with markers, acrylic paint, or small pieces of foam.

  3. 3. Cut a spiral out of more foam or a paper plate. Use a needle and thread to fasten the crosses and flowers to the spiral. If you can’t find foam at hundred yen stores, it can also be made out of paper (card stock, construction paper, or foam mats.)

Black foam crosses

  1. 1.Cut crosses out of EVA foam sheets or rubber floor mats.

  2. 2.Decorate the crosses: These crosses have been decorated with a pen with gold ink, and sequins were glued on. They could also be decorated with acrylic paints and shapes cut of other colors of foam.

  3. 3.Hang crosses from a dowel. This dowel is actually a plastic drinking straw covered in black paper that was fastened on with double stick tape.

Note: If you can’t find foam at hundred yen stores, you can also make crosses out of paper, cardboard, felt, or an air drying modeling compound such as Hearty (Karui kaminendo.)

Paper Plate Easter Egg with Cross

  1. 1.Cut a cross, heart, and circle out of colored paper and glue to a small paper plate.

  2. 2.Cut an egg shape out of pastel colored paper.

  3. 3.use Q-tips to paint rows of design onto the egg shape, or use small stamps.

  4. 4.Glue the egg to a second paper plate

  5. 5.Cut the paper plate with the egg shape in half

  6. 6.Fasten the two halves to the cross plate with 2 brads

Stamped Clay Crosses

  1. 1.Roll clay out and cut out cross shape with scissors (air drying compound such as Hearty)

  2. 2.Stamp the cross with or without ink on the stamp

  3. 3.Let air dry

  4. 4.Thread needle and poke through top of cross to make loop for hanging.

Note: for inexpensive stamps and stamp pads, check hundred yen stores in November and December--some stamps can be used for Easter crafts--flowers, sheep, etc. even though they are intended for making New Year’s cards

Popsicle stick Cross

  1. 1.Cut a styrofoam ball in half and paint green. (sold at some hundred yen stores and most craft stores)

  2. 2.Glue popsicle sticks together and dry (If you can’t find short pieces, cut a popsicle stick into shorter lengths for the cross pieces.)  Some hundred yen stores carry these in the area selling tools and wood, and most craft stores sell them, too. Many department stores sell craft kits for children during the summer that include popsicle sticks, so these would be good to stock up on, if you don’t mind shopping ahead. They can be used in many crafts. Or hand out popsicles and let the children eat them, then make the craft!

  3. 3.Poke cross into styrofoam

  4. 4.Cut a strip of purple cloth and drape on cross

  5. 5.Optional: paint on flowers or glue on buttons or small felt or foam flowers (see photos above for painting with Q-tips)

Wire Cross (for middle school)

  1. 1.Cut coated wire and shape into a cross outline. (wire and wire cutters and pliers are sold at hundred yen stores)

  2. 2.Cut shorter lengths of wire and use pliers to shape into “S” and “C” shapes

  3. 3.Fasten these shapes inside the outline with more wire.



Sunday School or Bible Clubs > Crafts > Easter crafts--Crosses

Cross Game

  1. 1.Roll out clay (such as Hearty) and cut out a cross shape

  2. 2.Poke golf tees into cross to form holes (rows of 3 in each end and in the middle. Us

  3. 3.Let air dry.

Cross Puzzle I

  1. 1.Cut a sheet magnet in the shapes shown in the photo (Sold in many 100 yen stores)

  2. 2.if you can’t find sheet magnets, It can be cut out of paper, cardboard or EVA foam.

This puzzle looks simple, but it is fiendishly difficult to solve once it is no longer in the cross shape. You may want to include a paper pattern to help kids who may have trouble solving it at home.

Cross Puzzle II (for middle school)

  1. 1.Buy a wood puzzle at a hundred yen store

  2. 2.Use a saw to cut 2 pieces as shown by the blue lines in photo above.

  3. 3.Make the puzzle pieces into a cross shape (look at the photo in the middle if you have trouble doing this) The diamond shaped trapezoid is not used for forming the cross.

Note: Children have trouble rolling out clay to an even thickness, so it may be better for the teacher to roll out the clay and cut out the cross shapes for both of these crafts. If you let the children roll it out, provide supports on either side of the clay to keep the roller from rolling the clay too thin.