Amy’s Free Ideas

Decorate a mug

  1. 1.Buy a  plain ceramic mug

  2. 2.Buy special paint at a craft store for painting on ceramics. Provide brushes for the  children to paint a design onto the mug, but be careful not to paint on the inside, or on the outside where the lip touches.

  3. 3.Bake the mug in the oven according to instructions. If you use regular acrylic paints for this, it will peal off when you wash it.

Another option is a special kind of plastic mug that comes in two parts--the inside and the outside. Paper can be sandwiched in between the two layers. (an expensive version of this is sometimes sold at Starbucks coffee shops.) Decorate paper that has been cut to fit the mug. Since it is paper, it can be decorated with markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint, etc. You can make several designs, and interchange them for different occasions--birthday, Christmas, Easter, etc.

Ideas for designs to put on the mugs:

  1. 1.logos of their favorite sports team

  2. 2.logo of the camp

  3. object from a Bible story you have been studying

  4. 4.a humorous phrase or slogan

  5. 5.a verse

  6. animal

  7. 7.a design of swirls or geometric patterns

  8. 8.ichthus--the simple fish design used by early Christians

  9. 9.let them make up their own design