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Download and print out sheet.

Make-your-own-from-pattern Version

  1. 1.Download pattern sheet.

  2. 2.Cut the stable out of an empty cardboard box such as crackers or tacos are sold in. Alternatively, cut the stable out of heavy paper such as brown poster board or card stock. Fold the sides of the stable toward the back so it will stand up. Optional: color the wall of the stable yellow and orange to make it look like lamp light is shining behind the figures. (see color photo above)

  3. 3.Find sticks on the ground and break them or cut them to fit the stable. Alternatively, use the pattern to cut the “sticks” for the door frame from black or brown paper, or from thin cardboard. Glue them on either side of the stable. (Note: children usually lack the strength to cut cardboard, so you may have to cut this part for them if you choose to make it out of cardboard.

  4. 4.Cut raffia or 2 layers of brown paper for the roof. Brown paper bags would be suitable for this. Tie a knot in the middle. If using paper, cut the TOP layer ONLY into strips on each side of the knot. Glue the roof to the top of the stable.

  5. 5.Cut Mary and Joseph figures out of black paper. Glue these figures to the stable, or use foam-style double stick tape to make them stand out from the background.

  6. 6.Cut out the manger and baby Jesus and glue in front of Mary and Joseph, or use foam-style double stick tape to give it more depth.

NOTE: You can make make paper loops as a cheap substitutes for foam-style double sided tape.

View paper loop substitute for foam-style double sided tape.

Cut out scene.

Fold the sides toward the back in the two places indicated to make it stand up.

Download  colored version

(Children often prefer having faces)

There are 3 ways to make this nativity craft for the Christmas season. The first way is the easiest--print out the colored version, cut it out and fold it to make it stand up. The second is just as easy, but this version has a colored version of Mary and Joseph rather than a silhouette. Given a choice, children usually prefer people to have a face. But  colored ink is expensive, so I have also provided a pattern sheet that you can download and cut the shapes out of different colored paper, or use recycled items such as empty cardboard boxes that had cereal or crackers. Collect your own sticks off the ground, and you are ready to put this craft together.