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Cross Craft With Easter Story Symbols

These crosses have 5 doors to open and reveal  11 pictures that represent the Easter story--a bit like a picture advent calendar, but for Easter.  Use these crosses to help tell the resurrection story, or use it as a prompt to help the children review the story.

  1. 1.Print out one sheet per child--on white or colored paper.

  2. 2.Cut along the solid lines.

  3. 3.Fold on the dotted lines.

Optional: Decorate the middle uncovered square. Cut out a square from a different color of paper and glue it to the square. Cut out a decoration and glue it to the colored square (see explanation below.)

Sunday School or Bible Clubs > Crafts > Cross Craft with Easter Story Symbols

How to Fold:

Once the solid lines have been cut, there is only one direction each picture can be folded. But, just incase you want to know, the top left picture folds over the top of the cross. The top right picture folds down to form the right arm. The two bottom pictures, both right and left, fold over the middle. The picture with the rooster folds up to form the left arm of the cross, and the torn curtain picture folds towards the middle to cover the cross.

What each picture represents (left to right):

top row

  1. 1.bread and wine=last supper

  2. 2.sword=Garden of Gethsemane, Peter cut off servant’s ear

  3. of thorns=Jesus’ trial

second row

  1. 4.royal purple robe=Jesus’ trial

  2. 5.heart=God’s love for the world/all sinners

  3. 6.whip= Jesus’ trial

third row

  1. 7.rooster=Jesus’ trial, Peter denied Christ 3 times before the rooster crowed

  2. 8.cross=Jesus’ death

  3. 9.torn temple curtain=people no longer need a priest to come into God’s presence

fourth row

  1. 10. empty grave=Jesus’ resurrection

  2. can represent when Jesus ate fish to prove he was not a ghost, or the time the disciples were fishing, and Jesus told them to  put the net on the other side

  3. 12.clouds=Jesus’ ascension when Jesus returned to heaven

Decorative elements to embellish the cross

You can decide which item the children will put on their crosses, or you can let the children decide in class. Save time by cutting these decorative items out ahead of class, or let the kids cut them out during class, if time allows. I have provided different sizes so that it can fit no matter what the size of paper you use. The largest size works with A4 paper. This decoration is totally optional, so if you decide not to do it, there will still be a heart picture in that space.

What the pictures represent:

  1. 1.Butterfly: just as a caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly, a person also changes from a sinner to a Christian when they believe in Christ for salvation.

  2. 2.Heart: this represents Christ’s love for all people all over the world. He loved each person enough to die on the cross for us.

  3. 3.World: God loved the world (all people) so much that he gave his only son to die in our place. Before Jesus went back to heaven, he told the disciples to go tell everyone about salvation through Christ (the great commission)

  4. 4.Dove: represents the Holy Spirit who comes into each Christian’s life to give power to overcome sin

Sunday School or Bible Clubs > Crafts > Cross Craft with Easter Story Symbols