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Kleenex boxes are so pretty. Instead of throwing them away, give them a second life as a “MOM” card! The hole that the kleenex comes out of becomes the hole in the “O.” Cut off the two ends and bottom of a Kleenex box and discard these parts. You should be left with the 3 panels (still connected to each other) with the hole in the middle section. If you don’t have a Kleenex box, simply fold a sheet of patterned paper in thirds, then cut as described below.

Cut the “M’s,” out of both side panels--Cut one skinny “V” in the middle of the top of each each side panel.  Then cut two skinny “V’s” in the bottom of each side panel to finish the “M’s”. To finish the “O,”round off the 4 outside corners of the middle panel to follow the middle hole. Glue the cut-out “MOM” to a colored background sheet. Fold it into a an accordion shape (one “M” forward, and one “M” back), or fold the two sides forward--what ever makes it stand well.

Optional: put a photo behind the “O” so it shows in the hole, so the “O” forms a frame for the photo.

You can cut the letters “MOM” out the one side of the kleenex box instead of using the whole box. Cut off one side panel, and fold it in thirds, then cut it as described on the left. Glue to a background sheet. Don’t forget to write a letter of appreciation on the back!