Amy’s Free Ideas

Cut the 4 corners of each box down about a third or half way down. If you don’t cut down far enough, the roof will not have as steep a pitch. Next fold the front and back of the each cracker box into a triangle--just fold the right and left corners down. Fold the sides against the peak of the roof and tape down. Tape or glue the boxes together.

This little birdhouse started out as 2 cracker boxes.

Cut a piece of cardboard to fit as the roof. It should be at least a half inch bigger than the roof area of the cracker boxes all the way around. Paint with brown paint. When it is dry, use pliers to bend the front edge a bit.

Glue gray paper to the front, back, and sides of the boxes. Cut the hole with scissors or a box cutter. For the stone look, cut up the lids of cardboard egg cartons into irregular shapes. If you want varied shades, paint these shapes with acrylic paint. Glue them to the box. Glue the roof to the box.