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Middle school and high school is when our children begin to think abstractly, and, with guidance, can be challenged to do amazing things. We just need to make the time and effort to make sure that that learning takes place. Don’t assume they will get all they need in youth group. It is your responsibility as a parent to make sure they are prepared for life as adults--adults who know what they believe, and how to defend what they believe, so that they do not lose their faith when they go off to college. The problem is, the older they get, the busier they get. But don’t let that put you off--if you make it a priority, you can make it happen. Easter is a good time to take stock of where your children are in their spiritual growth, and make a plan of what you want to teach them next. A 5 year plan will make sure you cover all the bases. Then you can research what materials are available, and decide which items will fit each of your children for the stage they are in. One size does not fit all.

Below is just a small sampling of what is available in the American Christian market. Hopefully this will get your juices going for the kinds of things you might want to invest in, to help you children grown into strong Christian adults.

An Easter Basket to help your teen grow

Since the main goal of the items in the basket are to help your children grow spiritually, don’t expect them to jump up and down when you give it to them But if you share some of your struggles and how you wished you had read these books when you were their age, or how reading a particular book really helped you at a certain time in your life, they will understand the importance of studying them, and will more than likely step up to the challenge.  And promising a prize for reading/doing them, can motive the reluctant.

To sweeten the deal, you can include some things that you know will make them happy--an i-Tunes card to buy new Christian music, a T-shirt with a Christian message, a new cross necklace, and of course, chocolate is always fun to get, no matter what the shape.

Seasons > Easter > Activities for the Home > 10 fun Easter activities for the family > Ideas for Easter baskets for preteens and teens

Daily Devotions

If your child has not started having a quiet time on his own, now is the time to begin. The Bible on the left is a good choice for middle school, and a high school student would probably be happy to get one with a metal cover or a flower snap--there are tons to choose from.

There are a lot of quiet time tools, too. Choose one that is easy to use to get your child started. You can also show him/her your Bible Dictionary, Bible handbook, etc. and teach him how to use them. However, if your son or daughter has been doing this for years, he may be tempted to think he knows it all. A challenging devotional that makes her dig deeper is what she needs.

Digging Deeper

By the time your children are teenagers, they have heard the Easter story countless times. Help them to understand the Easter story, or other parts of the Bible, in a deeper way, or see it from a new perspective with DVD’s or books that delve into the historical background. There are many products out there--choose one that fits your family, and watch it together for family devotions during the Easter season, or in the days following Easter.

All Out Challenge

Books or DVD’s that will challenge your child to go all out for Jesus, and not be content to be lukewarm, could be priceless. These can run the gamut from teaching books such as “Abandoned to God” to biographies of martyrs, missionaries, or famous Christians. Books like these may be a good choice to study together, or read aloud--this is easily done if you have kept the read-aloud tradition alive from when they were younger. If this is not the case, and you don’t think they will read it on their own, even with the offer of a reward, you could ask their youth leader to study it with the whole youth group--but you better read the book yourself first, to make sure it is good enough.

Practical Christian living

Books or DVD’s about sex, dating, abstinence, pornography, keeping a pure mind, modesty, are all topics that are talked about endlessly in American youth groups. That doesn’t mean that parents shouldn’t broach the subject, to make sure their children really do understand what God has told Christians  to do, and the reasons for such rules. If the teens don’t understand, or have been brainwashed by our culture, they are at risk, and parents can help. What parents think, and teach, still matters to the teens, even if they won’t admit it.

There many books on other topics that might help your teen as well, about anger, depression, eating disorders, etc.

Link to websites that sell Christian books, games, toys, crafts, DVD’s and music

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Apologetics and Evolution

Understanding what they believe as a Christian, and why, is of paramount importance if your child is going to weather the transition from child to adult. They need to understand the THEORY of evolution and how that relates to the Biblical account of creation if they are going to survive a secular education. PLEASE do not neglect these aspects of your child’s eduction.

Christian Finances

Your children might not lose their faith if you don’t teach them this, but they might lose their houses. God has a very different view of money than the world does--the love of money is the root of all evil. Your child needs to know the Biblical perspective as well as practical knowledge of how to handle money. There are not as many resources on this topic, but there are some, including games.

Witness tools

Help your child share his or her faith, both through training, and giving them items that will help them boldly proclaim their faith by what they wear. If you can’t find something you think they will like, give them the raw materials to make their own.

Ministry tools

This is just a short list to get you started thinking about the possibilities. Getting them started young has so many benefits--they can try out many different things to discover their gifts, it helps them become involved in ministry at a younger age than they could without that skill, and therefore more likely to adopt ministry as a lifestyle, they will have extra skills to use on missions trips they are likely to go on, and they will have more opportunities to mentor or influence younger children.

Give your child the materials to learn new skills, help them improve, then make sure they find ministry opportunities to use their newly learned skills. Possible options might be mime, clowning, balloon sculpture, puppeteering, magic, drumming, guitar playing.