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This Easter decoration has been cut out of thick foam with regular paper cutting scissors. If you can’t buy thick foam locally, look around for what you do have. It can be cut from any material that is stiff enough to stand on it’s own, and is easily cut, such as stiff paper or cardboard, or wood, if you have wood working tools.

Alternative: many craft stores sell wooden letters that could be glued to a base or fastened together with hinges so it can stand alone.  During the Easter season, Hobby Lobby has at least half a dozen Easter decorations with wooden letters spelling out “Easter.”

I don’t know if a view from the top is helpful or not. Here are 3 angles.

The letters are painted with acrylic paints in patterns that look a bit like Easter eggs--dots, lines, spirals, and tiny 5 petal flowers.

The grave was cut out of mottled gray foam, but if you can’t find this color, you can use paint and a small piece of sponge or paper towel to get a mottled effect--just make sure that the paint is a slightly different color than the foam. The grave stone was cut from dark gray foam, and the space behind the grave doorway opening is black to make it look like it is a dark interior.

The sheep is cut from white foam, the donkey is cut from gray foam, and the tree and palm branches are cut from green foam. If you can’t find foam in these colors, paint another color of foam with acrylic paint in the color you desire.

The easiest way to fasten all the parts together is to glue them with a glue gun. If you don’t have a glue gun, use glue that dries clear, and lay the pieces flat to dry. You may need to glue them in stages. Since some of the parts are in back, and some are in front, they form various layers, which should make the decoration able to stand up on it’s own. If not, you can glue on more layers of foam till it stands, or poke toothpicks in to help it stand. Another option is to cut small pieces or foam with notches to form stands.

I drew this out free hand, but if you don’t feel comfortable drawing words out by hand, type them on the computer in a large font and print them out as a pattern. It may be easiest to cut out the paper pattern, then use a pencil to draw the outline directly onto the foam so you know where to cut.  I added lots of leaves as part of the design. If you don’t feel comfortable drawing leaves by hand, pick 2 or 3 real leaves and use them as patterns to draw around each leaf outline onto the foam. The foam leaves are embellished by drawing veins on the leaves with a toothpick. Another pattern option would be to print out this picture and enlarge it on a copier and use it as a pattern. If you want it to be more colorful, you could embellish it like the decoration above with different colors of paint, or different layers of colors of foam.

This exuberant Easter decoration, also made out of thick foam, could be a decoration for a child’s room.  The heart represents Jesus’ love for us because he loved us enough to die in our place. The flowers represent new life that we have as a result. The word, ”joy,” represents how we feel when we have been released from the bondage of sin. 

Small flowers have been cut from thin foam to embellish the heart and letters spelling “joy.” The parts are hung with thread, but they could also be glued to ribbon--either narrow or wide.

If you don’t feel comfortable making your own patterns, you can draw around cookie cutters, then enlarge or reduce them on a copier to get the size you want.

You can make your own flower pattern by drawing around a round object such as a glass, and cut out five or six of these circles of the same size. Arrange these circles into a flower on a piece of paper, and draw around the outline to form the pattern (see shapes shown below.)

You can make a heart pattern by folding a piece of paper in half. Put a round object, such as a cup, near the top and draw around it. Now take the cup away and draw a diagonal line from the outside edge of the circle to the fold. Now cut out the shape and unfold it, and there should be a heart shape. (see shapes shown below.)

You can make the “Joy” letters by typing it in a large font on the computer and printing it out.

I purchased these flowers from a hundred yen store, and wrote the word, “forgiven” on it, though it would have looked better if I had cut the letters out of foam and glued them on, or painted them on with acrylic paints. You probably won’t find this exact item in a store near you, but it wouldn’t be too hard make your own-- cut flowers and leaf shapes out of foam or felt. Either hang them from a dowel or mount them on a background sheet of foam or felt.

Wood alternate: This wall decoration would be beautiful made out of wood if you have the right tools and a lot of time.

Felt alternate:  Make a pattern on paper, then cut it out of felt. Sew or glue it to a background and hang it from a dowel. It would be easy to add a lot of color to a felt version of this design, if you are so inclined.

If you use glue that takes time to dry, you may need to glue the pieces in stages.  Slide extra pieces of foam that are not glued, to support the portions that are in between the parts that have 2 or more layers until they dry.

Foam “Easter” Decoration

2.Foam “He is Risen” Decoration

3.Foam “Joy” Decoration

5 Q-tips taped together form a flower stamp. Tape them around a 6th Q-tip to hold them in place.

Heart Pattern

You can make a heart pattern by folding a piece of paper in half. Put a round object, such as a cup, near the top and draw around it. Now take the cup away and draw a diagonal line from the outside edge of the circle to the fold. Now cut out the shape and unfold it, and you should have a heart shape.